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Oct 24th: Free Saturday Seminar. " Writing Your Family History" speakers are Jerry Lincecum and Peggy Redshaw.

Nov 21st - Free Saturday Seminar. Google - Everything New that you need to know for Genealogy by Lisa Louise Cook

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Years Resolutions

This is traditionally a time when we make resolutions - this has been the topic of lots of articles on genealogy blogs and it's a great idea. Here are a few links you might want to check out for ideas on how to get your genealogy kick started in 2011.

About.com has a list of the top 10 resultions http://genealogy.about.com/od/basics/a/resolutions.htm

Elyse's Genealogy Blog focuses on citing your sources http://elysesgenealogyblog.com/genealogy-resolutions-citing-your-sources/

Megan Smolenyak encourages us to volunteer to help Unclaimed Persons http://www.huffingtonpost.com/megan-smolenyak-smolenyak/make-helping-unclaimed-pe_b_803009.html

According to Genealogy Insider 66% of adults make new years resolutions http://blog.familytreemagazine.com/insider/2010/01/06/MayWeSuggestSomeGenealogyResolutionsFor2010.aspx

Need help with organization? Check out the online book In a Pile or a File http://timeforitnow.knotsindeed.com/genealogy/book/beginbook.html or Karen Clifford's website "Organize Your Paper Files" http://www.fileyourpapers.com/index.html.

What is your genealogy resolution for 2011?

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