2015 Gen Friends Events

Join Genealogy Friends at the following events at WO Haggard Library, 2501 Coit Rd., Plano, TX. Doors open at 10am.:

Oct 24th: Free Saturday Seminar. " Writing Your Family History" speakers are Jerry Lincecum and Peggy Redshaw.

Nov 21st - Free Saturday Seminar. Google - Everything New that you need to know for Genealogy by Lisa Louise Cook

Dec 19th - Free Saturday Seminar - Show and Tell. Join us to share your research successes.

Monday, September 27, 2010


On October 23rd Gen Friends is sponsoring a LearnN at Haggard Library. This is a great opportunity to learn about two great software packages.

Jennifer Pitts is going to demonstrate Picasa - this is a free - yes free - package that you can use to organize and touch up photos.

Barbara Coakley is going to demonstrate Family Atlas. Family Atlas is a package to help you map your family history. You can upload a gedcom file from your genealogy program then create. personalize and publish colorful maps that chart your family's migration around the world or pinpoint important events in your family history. Roots Magic has agreed to give us a $10 discount off the price of the software, that's $19.95 instead of the regular price at $29.95.

If you are planning on attending, email Linda Cosper at s-lcosper@juno.com. A $10 donation would be appreciated. As always, everything we collect is used to purchase materials for the genealogy section at Haggard Library. Check out the link above for more details.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trip to Salt Lake City

Join us in Salt Lake City! From November 30th through December 5th a group of us will be researching at the world's largest genealogy library - The Family History Library. Going with a group is a good way to visit the library for the first time. We'll have an orientation by library personnel at 3 pm on 11/30 and a professional genealogist will be available throughout the trip to help if you get stuck on your research. If you are interested check out the link above and email Barbara Coakley at bjc1620@sbcglobal.net